Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dream Catcher Barefoot Sandals - Orange, Turquoise, Leather Handmade

Dream Catcher Barefoot Sandals

My father's love of his Native American Heritage inspired me to create these Dream Catcher Barefoot Sandals. My goal was to replicate the dream catcher as authentically as possible, so I decided to weave the dream catcher with imitation sinew. The base of the dream catcher is a brass ring, which I've wrapped in a soft, brown deerskin suede leather cord.

I've accented the dream catcher with glass beads in a turquoise/orange color scheme, complimented with clear and wooden beads.

In the center of the dream catcher, I've included a Swarovski crystal bead, which catches the light and adds a touch of glimmer to your feet. Feather Details complete the look, with feathers attached at the center of the dream catcher, as well as the ends of the leather cord, which comes in a generous length of 36" allowing you to create a stylish wrapped look.

Each dream catcher is handmade and no 2 will ever look identical, but each one will be created with just as much love and pride. I plan to add many more color options as time allows, but until then, feel free to contact me with a request for custom colors.

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